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Pokémon, Supreme, and LEGO against racism

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Some brands, including Pokémon, Supreme, and LEGO, have donated to aid against racism.

Some brands, including Pokémon, Supreme, and LEGO, have donated money to organizations seeking racial equality. All this in the wake of the social problems that have arisen in recent days in the United States due to the murder of George Floyd.

Pokémon Go characters
Courtesy: Pokémon Go

Perhaps for many brands, the current situation in the United States is somewhat irrelevant. However, many others have spoken out against acts of racism and discrimination.

Some, like Nike, have released brief statements that encourage you not to be silent. Others, on the other hand, work from their own front. Such is the case of Pokémon, Supreme, and LEGO who announced they will donate money to nonprofits that seek racial equality.

Pokémon Go characters
Courtesy: Pokémon Go

First, Pokémon announced that it will donate $200,000 to Black Lives Matter and NAACP. In addition, the profits from the upcoming Pokémon Go Fest will be entirely for other nonprofits and are estimated to be at least $5 million, which the same Pokémon Go community spends on the game. But that’s not all, as an official statement was released mentioning that there is no room for oppression within the Pokémon community.

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Courtesy: Lego

Moreover, LEGO has also donated large sums of money but to a more specific sector. In this case, everything will go to organizations that support black children and educate on racial equality.

In total, LEGO joins the community to fight against racism and inequality with $4 million.

Night view of the Supreme store in New York
Courtesy: Supreme

Last but not least, there’s Supreme, the brand that raised $500,000 to benefit Black Lives Matter, Equal Justice Initiative, Campaign Zero, and Black Futures Lab.

Without a doubt, each brand teaches us that anyone can be a Pokémon master, great builder, or dress in style. Also, there is no place or justification for racism in any country or community.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)