Illustration that embodies feminism

Posters and graphic design to illustrate feminism

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What’s personal is political: these posters and graphic design by female artists show the power of the movement

In the context of International Women’s Day we give you a list of the women who excel in creating posters and graphic design with messages that reveal that feminism is gaining strength as an unstoppable phenomenon.

design to illustrate feminism
Courtesy: RTVE

Feminist literature and philosophy gave us the works of Simone de Beauvoir, Judith Butler, Virgine Despentes, Leonor Silvestri, among other women. The same thing happened in the world of art with artists who hoist the feminist flag as a tool of dissent and activism.

Rommy Sobrado-Torrico

Rommy is the founder of Nomada Graphics & Multimedia, a company founded in 2012 that specializes in graphic and advertising design. However, her company also works on making current social issues visible through design. These topics include feminism and social inequalities.

Posters and graphic design illustrating feminism
Courtesy: Rommy Sobrado-Torrico

One of her pieces reads “Domestic workers lift up our families and our communities. Join the movement for its dignity, respect, and recognition.” Unpaid domestic work is an issue that was put on the table to fight for the fair pay of women’s work.

La Cingara

La Cingara is a graphic designer based in Madrid whose work, in its entirety, is dedicated to feminism. She designed posters for events such as Estrogenfest, L’APREM QUEER VOL. 5, Puwerty, New Day Rising. She also created an illustration for the 8M strike.

Posters and Graphic Design to illustrate feminism
Courtesy: Instagram/@lacingara

The image is the word Sororidad (Sorority), underneath it two female hands are intertwined as a symbol of unity among women. At the bottom of the image is the iconic date: March 8. Her style is unstigated, but with a concise narrative.

Haley Powers

Baltimore artist Haley Powers represents us in her illustrations of strong women. Her style is characterized by her striking colors and inclusive topics. For her, illustration is a savior in difficult times and it expresses what words can’t; this field is also a vehicle for social change.

Posters and graphic design to understand feminism
Courtesy: Instagram/@hayleypowerstudio

In this sense, the designer’s illustrations are overwhelming and a strong message radiates from them: female empowerment. Or, as she defines it, her work is a “kick in the patriarchy’s shin.” And to prove it, just take a look at her body of work.

Holli Rae

Los Angeles-based artist and director Holli Rae has the ability to evoke emotions in each of her pieces. From an early age, she felt the responsibility to help amplify marginalized voices through the media with film and design.

Posters and Graphic Design to illustrate feminism
Courtesy: Instagram/womensmarch

Like the other artists in this list, Rae uses digital collage to push women to “keep fighting until we have healthcare and justice for all.” In the words of the feminist lawyer and black activist Flo Kennedy: “Don’t agonize, organize!”

These posters and graphic design remind us that women are more united than ever


The Barcelona-based artist Pomelo created a branding concept focused on “equality and ecology” as the motto of her brand. She specializes in illustration and T-shirt design. And, for this 8M, she proposes a forceful poster.

carteles y diseno para ilustrar el feminismo five
Courtesy: Instagram/@pomelo______________

Thus, she recreated Botticelli’s classic painting The Birth of Venus where angels recite sexist speeches. In contrast, the illustration is framed by the phrase “Up to the shell of patriarchy,” alluding to being fed up.

Dia Pacheco

Dia Pacheco is a Mexican illustrator also known as Dia.blo whose inspiration springs from women representing history and music. Therefore, she creates her illustrations around the figure of women and their ability for empowerment through self-confidence.

Illustrated feminism
Courtesy: Dia Pacheco

Consequently, Pacheco’s poster reminds us of all the women who were victims of femicide. However, it also reminds us of the strength of all women who are raising their voices to demand justice and the end of gender-based violence.


WatMag is a medium of creators who also joined the 8M protests with a series of works illustrating the most serious problems that contemporary women face. These include rape, harassment, kidnappings, femicides, mansplaining, etc. They do so from a critical but also hopeful perspective.

Illustration that embodies feminism
Courtesy: WarMag

An example of this is this piece where we can see a woman screaming into a megaphone “Sister, I believe you.” It refers to the campaign of allegations that have been made by all the media and levels of society, where important media and cultural figures alike have been found guilty of harassment.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)