RZA and Ghostface

RZA and Ghostface movie of the Wu Tang Clan

A production by RZA and Ghostface based on the life of the WTC

Rappers RZA and Ghostface Killah are making a horror movie entitled Angel of Dust based on the life of the Wu Tang Clan. Namely, it focuses on Casey, a young promising rapper.

Wu Tang Clan
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The movie is a story within a story; it includes gangsters, drugs, police confrontations and hood violence.

The collaboration was announced through nationwide events and official merch. It is an important milestone to thus celebrate 25 years of the creation of the band.

RZA and Ghostface movie of the Wu Tang Clan
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Throughout RZA’s career post-WTC, he’s been involved in audiovisual production. He directed the film The Man With The Iron Fists in 2012; as well as a chapter of the Netflix series Iron Fist, hence giving him more experience to direct this new film and write the score.

Meanwhile, Ghostface will choose the official soundtrack, which will obviously include tracks by the Wu Tang Clan.

RZA and Ghostface movie of the Wu Tang Clan
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Ghostface and his manager Caruso created the story of the film; while Matt Leslie who recently worked on Summer of 84 and Stephen J. Smith chose to write the final script.

The whole story is inspired by things that the band from Staten Island went through as they become more and more popular, with a touch of fiction, since it is not a biography, but a story based on the legacy of the famous rap group.