Sailor Moon x Vans collection


Attention anime fans! Sailor Moon and Vans just released this collection as a homage to the moon

If you’ve not seen at least one episode of Sailor Moon in your childhood, you did not have a real childhood! And for all those anime fans, this Vans collection will fit like a glove.

Sailor Moon x Vans collection
Credit: Vans

First off, this drop celebrates the 30th anniversary of Sailor Moon, which became one of the most representative animes of the 90’s. Each piece is inspired by stories of love and friendship, precepts that governed the history of sailor scouts.

The collection captures the stories of Sailor Moon and Sailor Guardians offering a series of footwear, apparel and accessories full of action and color in true Vans “Off the Wall” style. All the clothing exudes pure nostalgia because, taking a trip back in time, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon originally debuted in 1992, on the TV channel Asahi in Japan.

black flip flops
Credit: Vans
Vans of Sailor Moon
Credit: Vans

Since then, anime has become a benchmark of pop culture in various moments of history. Fans from all over the world joined the legion of the moon warriors and became a reference of Japanese aesthetics. One of the best hits in the collection includes the well-known Vans Sk8-Hi Stacked with platform.


This sneaker is characterized by unique comfort and design, as well as offering a very versatile contemporary style. Decorated with Sailor Moon’s transformation brooch and bow, it features a gradient sidewall design printed with translucent platforms and the front wrapped in the symbols of the Sailor Guardian planets.

Other models that can be found in Vans x Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon are the Authentic and La Costa Slide-On, as a tribute to the most famous characters in the series, like Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask. Plus, the classic Vans Old Skool transforms into a print referring to each Sailor Guardian on the traditional Vans Checkerboard.

Likewise, the symbols of the Sailor Guardian planets reappear in a night-inspired starry sky design in another version of the Old Skool. Along with ComfyCush Slip-Ons filled with Sailor Guardians and the Dark Kingdom round out the footwear options for adults.

sailor moon x vans collection four
Credit: Vans
Sailor Moon x Vans collection
Credit: Vans

On the other hand, the collection’s apparel line, fans will find a variety of styles for women, men and children. The Women’s BFF Crew Fleece for women takes inspiration from Sailor Moon’s heroic sailor suit. To go on an adventure, we have the Got This Mini backpack with Sailor Moon’s partner, Luna, as the protagonist.

The Men’s Graphic Short Sleeve Tee features an image of Sailor Moon with the iconic Moon Stick. The look is completed with the official Vans and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon logos. Finally, the complete Vans x Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon drop will be available starting June 24, 2022 in and Vans stores.