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Scaf and his 3D street art portals

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His mastery of perspective, lights, and shadows are the skills that make Scaf a unique graffiti artist

Undoubtedly, Realism is rather complex to achieve in graffiti. More so, to master a 3D piece. However, Scaf is one of the few artists that can achieve pieces that literally spring out of the walls.

Courtesy: Instagram/scaf_oner

Originally from France, Scaf takes photorealism to another level. Therefore, the city of Paris and its surroundings have been decorated with the artist’s pieces. In addition, his creations bring out the amazement of children as well as adults, who will always want a selfie in front of one of his murals.

Courtesy: Instagram/scaf_oner

Additionally, if we could define his technique in a single word, it would have to be “precision.” Whoever the protagonist of the piece in question is, it seems to appear out of a portal that springs from the wall.

Courtesy: Instagram/scaf_oner

A punch of humor in the portals

Hence, the Frenchman gives an extra punch to his pieces. And it has everything to do with humor! Because if there’s something that Scaf likes to do is to have fun with what he does. Therefore, in some of his pieces, he usually dresses in such a way that he manages to interact with the main figure.

Courtesy: Instagram/scaf_oner

For example, if he paints the head of a huge snake trying to bite the artist, he becomes the armless victim. Or, if he paints the skeleton of a huge dinosaur, he turns into a caveman sitting on the animal’s head.

Courtesy: Instagram/scaf_oner

What is most interesting is that the artist’s talent portrays his level of knowledge on perspective, lighting, shadows, and colors. And we all know achieving a 3D effect is not easy at all. The purpose of his pieces is to take us back to our inner child and extract us from the daily chaotic dimension.

Courtesy: Instagram/scaf_oner

Lastly, we loved Scaf’s work, if you found it as good as we did, we recommend you follow his social networks. He does really amazing things!

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

Fernando Huacuz

Ciudad de México, 1988- En búsqueda constante de urdimbres visuales y narrativas en espacios públicos y privados. Arte, cultura y rocksteady un must.

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