Tristan Eaton's piece in front of Falcon 9

SpaceX and NASA take Tristan Eaton pieces to space

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Artworks and a collage traveled to space on SpaceX and NASA’s Crew Dragon

Elon Musk’s company, founded in 2002, SpaceX and NASA sent Crew Dragon, a capsule powered by the Falcon 9, to remain on the International Space Station (EEI) for a few weeks. In addition to the incredible feat it represents, this project brought artworks to space.

Human and Kind pieces by Tristan Eaton

Astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley are in charge of the successful mission that took place this past weekend. Additionally, they were entrusted with another mission. They brought three artworks that represent the essence of the human race to space.

Tristan Eaton's "Human" which traveled in Space X and NASA's Crew Dragon

Thus, there are two artworks by American artist Tristan Eaton entitled Human and Kind. The first consists of universally known symbols that allude to US flag, the Falcon 9, and monkeys; as well as other symbols that represent creation, science, and evolution.

"Kind" by Tristan Eaton traveled in Space X and NASA's Crew Dragon

Moreover, Kind represents love and peace, a hand, an equal sign, a dove; stars alluding to the American flag, a happy face, clouds, and other allegories that take up some basic concepts of humanity.

Human piece by Tristan Eaton traveled in SpaceX and NASA's Crew Dragon Dragon

The third piece is a mosaic-collage piece with the faces of all the graduates of the class of 2020. Each portrait forms a spatial view of planet Earth, which brings us to the recurring theme of “humanity.” Furthermore, it’s a tribute to the efforts of all the students who managed to graduate.

mosaic with photos of graduates from the class of 2020

In addition, you’ll be able to see each face on the collage up close on the SpaceX website. Finally, through his Twitter account, Eaton shared the process of creating the pieces, accompanying them with a message where he wished the astronauts good luck.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)