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Street Art Málaga, a new way to appreciate the city

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Urban art lands in a new Spanish city with Street Art Málaga

Spain is starting to feature as a country with more and more street art festivals in Europe. There are festivals like Recién Pintado, Urvanity Art or the hotel in Madrid dedicated to urban art; Street Art Málaga will now continue the dialogue on public art.

Courtesy: Getty Images
Courtesy: Getty Images

All forms of street art meet from the Plaza de la Marina all the way to the Center of Contemporary Art (CAC); the circuit is composed of four areas: Soho, Lagunillas, Bulevart and Áreas Educativas (Educational Areas). Thus, here, the landscape merges with art.

It’s a circuit that recognizes most of the elements that make up hip-hop culture: from graffiti and street art to breakdance and DJ’s. Hence the tour of the circuit also contemplates these disciplines in its itinerary.

Courtesy: Getty Images

This is how Málaga has become an outdoor gallery

Its creators, Alejo and Natalia, saw street art as the possibility of recovering deteriorated and potentially problematic areas. Therefore, the circuit is also proof of how Málaga has become another urban art hub in Spain.

Courtesy: Malaga Top

Renowned artists such as D*Face, Roa, Obey, Boa Mistura, Andi Rivas, Dal East, Lalone, among many more, have left their mark on its streets. This is how Málaga has become an outdoor gallery accompanied by urban art experts that give the tour.

Courtesy: Malaga Top

Hence, the goal is to understand how social, economic and geographical developments occur by investing in urban art. And, to enhance the experience, the team works with a 50-page dossier with photos, explanations and multimedia material such as videos on the creation of the murals by Obey or D*Face.

Courtesy: Malaga Top

Finally, check out the locations of the tour and the complete schedule on their website. A great option to learn more about urban art in Spain.

By the way, check out the All City Canvas tours in Mexico City as well. Find out the topics and dates here.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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Ciudad de México, 1988- En búsqueda constante de urdimbres visuales y narrativas en espacios públicos y privados. Arte, cultura y rocksteady un must.

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