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Versailles has a spectacular new installation

Courtesy: Anders Sune Berg

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30 Jun 16

Versailles has a spectacular new installation

Olafur Eliasson gives a new installation in Versailles

Versailles has become a creative space for reknown artists like Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami and Anish Kapoor, giving them the space to showcase their amazing works around the palace and gardens every year since 2008.

Pieces created by Olafur Eliasson in Versailles
Courtesy: Anders Sune Berg

This year, the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson took over the place and created astounding installations that exposed the importance of water and mirrors in the historical court. Olafur’s idea was to interact with the viewers and take them to that unique experience through his artworks.

Courtesy: Anders Sune Berg

One of our favorite pieces is The Waterfall. This spectacular and massive installation is located in the basin of the Grand Canal near the end of the gardens. The Waterfall is supported by a tower that pumps water through the pipes and crashes back into the basin to simulate this natural wonder. This installation was inspired on one of the landscape architects, André Le Nôtre’s dream, where he imagined a waterfall tumbling onto the Grand Canal.

Courtesy: Anders Sune Berg
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21 Nov 19

Illustrations inspired by the Kamasutra to fight stress

Light, water, the internet, the mortgage! These Kamasutra-inspired illustrations are the perfect cure against stress The company Uncommon and acclaimed graphic designer Noma Bar published a book of illustrations inspired by the Kamasutra, which, in mortgage jargon, alleviate our pre and post-mortgage payment stress. The project is part of an advertising campaign for mortgage lender […]
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3 Jan 17

Selina Miles and her beautiful video for ONO’U Festival

If you don’t know Selina Miles, you haven’t been getting your street art fix from the right sources To start this 2017, Selina Miles just released a full film from 2016 ONO’U Tahiti Graffiti Festival, and it’s amazing (which is clearly becoming the norm). The name of the festival “ONO’U” is inspired on the fusion of two […]
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3 Feb 17

Pow Wow, one of the most important art festivals

International artists unite to create art in Pow! Wow! Text by Cristina Ochoa Translation by Briana Prieto Fuentes Pow Wow offer us a week to enjoy art by any of its presentations. All of this will happen next week in the neighborhood of Kaka’ako in Hawaii. The meaning of Pow!, is the impact of art […]
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7 Jan 20

Women on Sofas, photographs out of comfort

Ruby Steele explores the role of contemporary Western women in Women on Sofas Thus, Women on Sofas is the name of a photo series by British artist Ruby Steele. The concept of her work is the role of women in contemporary Western society, approached in an experimental way. This series arises out of curiosity from […]
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21 Jun 16

Mural Festival 2016: Walking through Montreal’s street art

A tour of the best of the Mural Festival 2016 By: Andrés Medina / @delabuena In Mural Festival we discover that the world of street art is growing by the minute. This cultural movement is getting stronger and more prestigious around the world. The most representative and famous artists of street art are doing their […]
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26 Feb 20

Supreme and Numark turntable for SS20 edition

Supreme and Numark turntable added to the SS20 accessories collection After announcing its own oreo cookie, Supreme and Numark unite. The urban fashion brand has added a Numark turntable to its next collection. These items are part of the Spring-Summer 2020 collection which will be available on February 27. Previously, we mentioned how extravagant the […]
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25 Feb 20

Urvanity installations take over the public space

Madrid becomes the capital of art with Urvanity Art installations on its main squares Previously, we told you what you couldn’t miss at this festival. Now it’s time to talk about the Urvanity installations that have landed on the streets of Madrid. Therefore, it should be noted that one of the main purposes of Urvanity […]
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24 Feb 20

Artwork by Georges Seurat recreated by art enthusiasts

Photographer Mark Preuschl recreated Georges Seurat’s artwork through a call For fans of pointillism, Georges Seurat’s work is perhaps very relevant. After all, he is one of art history’s most famous artists in this technique. Surely, one of the paintings that come to mind when you hear the painter’s name is A Sunday afternoon on […]
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24 Feb 20

SpongeBob’s cereal will be out soon

In honor of its upcoming movie, Kellogg’s will release a SpongeBob cereal Kellogg’s announced the release of a SpongeBob cereal in honor of the release of its upcoming film. It will be vanilla flavored and shaped like the popular yellow character. Additionally, it will have Patrick-shaped marshmallows and pineapples. It’s a fact that SpongeBob is […]
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24 Feb 20

Art Madrid 2020 presents its program

The best in video art, new media and action art in this edition of Art Madrid 2020 The activities of Art Madrid 2020 have officially started. If you plan to fly to the Motherland, or you’re already there, we give you tips on what to see at the event. Cutting edge artworks and lectures In […]
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21 Feb 20

Urban artists of 5Pointz will be compensated for losing their work

Following the destruction of the renowned building known as 5Pointz, artists will be compensated with $6.7 million in claims for damages to their work In 2013, the iconic 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, Inc., better known as 5Pointz, was demolished. It was replaced with several luxury residential condos. Now, 7 years later, the Court of Appeals […]