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The best sneaker collaborations with the coolest artists

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We bring you a curated list of the best sneaker collaborations with the most relevant artists by the All City Canvas team

We bring you a selection of the best sneaker collaborations with artists. Check out the exclusive models that you should definitely consider having in your closet.

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Vans x Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami chose this 2015 Slip-On Vans model. This sneaker revolutionized the kick’s silhouette by adding the well-known colorful skulls and flowers by the Japanese artist. It gave the brand’s popular Slip-On the characteristic stamp of his anime-influenced creations.

Vans x Takashi Murakami
Courtesy: Strictly Waffles

Air Jordan 4 Retro x Kaws

In 2017, an amazing pair was added to the Jordan family. An exclusive model made by the one and only Kaws, who created detailed designs with his iconic embroidery. It’s worth mentioning that the material was an exclusive and luxurious grey suede. Awesome, isn’t it?

Air Jordan 4 Retro x Kaws
Courtesy: Sidewalk Hustle

PUMA x Bradley Theodore

In 2018, PUMA teamed up with renowned street artist Bradley Theodore to create an amazing model in black suede. The sneakers bear the mark of Bradley’s creations with different colors made with brushstrokes.

PUMA x Bradley Theodore
Courtesy: PUMA

Steve Harrington x Nike Air Force 1

In 2019, the creation of Nike Air Force 1, Cortez and a Blazer Low models was announced. All of them created around the celebration of Earth Day.

Steve Harrington x Nike Air Force 1
Steve Harrington x Nike Air Force 1 Courtesy: Sneaker News
Steve Harrington x Nike Air Force 1
Courtesy: Sneaker News
The 10 best sneakers collections with artists
Courtesy: Sneaker News

Vans x Van Gogh Museum

Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated models of 2018. This series of exclusive sneakers were a collaboration between the Van Gogh Museum and one of the main players in the industry: Vans. This collection used the image of some of the acclaimed painter Van Gogh’s artworks. The artworks used in this collection are Skull, Almond Blossom, Van Gogh Self-Portrait and Sunflowers.

The 10 best sneakers collections with artists
Courtesy: Mashup

Reebok x Basquiat

We love this collaboration! The aesthetic of Jean Michel-Basquiat was printed on three of its most popular sneakers for the sports brand Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Thus, we can find a wide variety of graphics in the Classic Leather, Reebok Workout Mid and Reebok Ex-O-Fit that depict great artistic value from the sole to the flap.

Reebok x Yayoi Kusama
Courtesy: Reebok

LAMMFROMM x Yayoi Kusama

Japanese clothing brand LAMMFROMM invited the iconic Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama to intervene one of their sneakers. Kyoto’s pre-dyed printed fabric “Nishijin Weave” was adopted. There are two types of designs: Yayoi Kusama Sneakers YELLOW TREES HI in yellow and black, and Yayoi Kusama Sneakers INFINITY NETS HI in red and white.

lammfromm x yayoi kusama

PUMA x Shantell Martin

London visual artist Shantell Martin collaborated for Puma’s 2018 Spring/Summer collection with a series of garments and sneakers featuring classic styles such as PUMA Suede and Clyde, adorned with Martin’s illustrations and lyrics.

The 10 best sneaker collaborations
Courtesy: Puma

Converse x Damien Hirst

The richest artist and painter in the UK joined Converse to give us the cutest design. The Chuck Taylor All Star model was intervened with colored butterflies on a red background. Hirst was inspired by his painting All you need is love. Furthermore, that 2010 line consisted of 400 pairs worldwide.

The 10 best sneakers collaborations with artists
Courtesy: Converse

BÄST x Marc Jacobs

We end the list of the 10 most amazing sneaker collaborations with BÄST x Marc Jacobs. It was back in 2004 when the street artist and the renowned designer created a pair of canvas sneakers.

The 10 best sneakers collections with artists
Courtesy: Marc Jacobs

Best of all, the colorful upperparts of the sneakers were made from painted canvases found in BÄST’s files. Each sneaker was produced as a unique edition so no two kicks are alike.

In your opinion, what were the best sneaker collaborations?

Reebok Classic x Keith Haring

Among the best collaborations of 2014 was when the sports brand joined the Keith Haring Foundation to launch four limited-edition sneakers whose main feature was the artist’s character print which adorned the kicks. The models available were Classic Leather Lux, Workout Mid Strap, Princess and NPC Lux.

The best collaborations
Courtesy: Reebok

Best of all, the artworks are inspired by the 1983 Haring’s Matrix mural. The sneakers have bright neon red, orange, green and pink. In addition, the prints are made in 3D embossing.

Pierre Hardy “POWORAMA”

This pair screams pop art everywhere and in 2011, the artist Pierre Hardy brought to light a limited edition of the “POWORAMA” that was nothing more than sneakers with a design inspired by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

The best sneaker collaborations with artists
Courtesy: Sneakers Files

This pair featured a fun aesthetic, comic style. The upper part had very detailed white leather using primary colors, characteristic of the pop style. Additionally, it had large perforations on the side panels. The “POW” on the ankle strap gave more life and personality to the sneaker.

Andy Warhol x Converse

2015 began with a very interesting collaboration: Andy Warhol x Converse. Ain’t no better place to print the artist’s iconic designs than on Chuck Taylors. Consider yourselves lucky if you got a pair!

The best sneakers collaborations with artists
Courtesy: Converse

The design featured the classic Campbell’s tomato soup screen-printed on the heel in three different colors. The Chuck Taylor Low got the same can of tomato soup but in black and grey colors. But we’d definitely go for the boot model. Serious gems, we tell you!

KAWS x Vans “The Simpsons”

One of the best collaborations was that of KAWS x Vans “The Simpsons” in 2017. The Neckface Chukka, Kaws Chukka, and Stash Sk8-Mid LX were the models chosen for KAWS to capture his artistic version of the yellow family.

The best sneakers collaborations with artists
Courtesy: Vans

Only 14 different models were released in a limited edition of only 100 pairs per style. They were also sold only in some of the world’s most popular stores. It was one of the most sought after collections.

By Karla Fernández and Fernando Huacuz

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)