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The Cheetos Museum has all kinds of cheetos

The Cheetos Museum sprung from a marketing campaign

It all started with a very creative digital campaign; the Cheetos Museum shows how there are no two Cheetos alike, gathering all kinds of peculiarly shaped Cheetos in one space.

The creatives behind the campaign are Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P). FYI, we talked about them in a past article on the Dalí hologram they made, have you read it yet?

In addition to GS&P, two other agencies were involved in the museum: Ketchum and Marketing Arm. The campaign was launched in June of 2017, and it caused so much impact that it was shown at the Cannes Festival that same year.

Courtesy: Cheetos

A digital campaign that reached the streets

The idea came about when Instagram users were posting photos of Cheetos, explaining how they “looked” like an object or character. That is when the Cheetos marketing team took that idea and turned it into a digital campaign.

The main goal, in addition to advertising, was for consumers to look at their bag of Cheetos, making them active participants in the search for silhouettes when eating.

That is how the platform where you can see, share and send the images was created. Additionally, the fried findings were shared on various social networks, encouraging consumers to keep looking for the particular shapes… and eating them, of course. The Museum of Cheetos then landed in New York with more than 128 thousand Cheetos pieces. There are all kinds of shapes: from animals to objects and people. Imaginations is undoubtedly a great tool that can materialize the craziest ideas.

FYI, the website is still available, showcasing the peculiar cheese pieces. The descriptions of the “artworks” on the site are pretty funny, and there are images that require a lot of imagination to figure out what it is, while in others, the resemblance is pretty obvious. Have you picked out with a funny shape lately?


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