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The most anticipated sneakers of 2020

Courtesy: Nike

The most anticipated sneakers of 2020

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We bring you a list of the most anticipated sneakers of 2020 to be in!

To start the year on the right foot and start saving, we bring you the most anticipated sneakers of 2020. So, you know how it goes, take note!

sacai x Nike LDWaffle

A model that undoubtedly revolutionized 2019 was the collaboration between Nike and Sacai.

This year we expect a little more from these two who have surprised us with an all-black model, differentiated by its nylon and suede construction.

Although there is no official date for this exclusive release, it is expected to arrive in the first semester of 2020.

The most anticipated sneakers of 2020
Courtesy: Sneaker News

Yeezy Basketball Quantum

Kanye will never cease to amaze us and it is that this new Yeezy model that dives into the depths of basketball. Hence, it brings a different structure suitable for lovers of the sport.

A very different kick from what we’re used to from the rapper, completely sealed from the sides and covered by suede.

Check for updates to see the exact release date for this pair.

adidas yeezy by Kanye West
Courtesy: Kicks on Fire

DIOR x Air Jordan 1

We can only say one thing, what a beauty!

DIOR’s collaboration with Air Jordan completely revolutionized the standards of fashion and streetwear. They bring us an exclusive pair in a bluish-grey tone, whose swoosh totally represents the French fashion house, including its logo.

This pair is scheduled to launch in April 2020 but we are already ecstatic for their release!

The most anticipated sneakers of 2020
Courtesy: Nike

Reebok x Tom & Jerry

The sports brand Reebok and the animated cartoon Tom & Jerry bring us this super fun model. The quirk of this footwear focuses on its three silhouettes: Club C Revenge Instapump Fury and Club C. Each of them highlighted by cartoon and stuffed animals that simulate the mouse and cat’s fur.

These models will be released on February 15, 2020.

The most anticipated sneakers of 2020
Tom & Jerry Sneakers
Tom & Jerry Sneakers
Courtesy: Sneaker News

Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low

It was to be expected that from the popular release of Jackboys something even cooler came out and these Nike SB Dunk Low model are no exception.

Its special features focus on a camel tone and a structure that when worn out exhibit a paisley print.

Stay tuned because this pair is rumored to be released mid-February 2020. In the meantime, we leave some pictures so you can feast your eyes.

Travis Scott and Nike sneakers
Courtesy: Travis Scott
Travis Scott and Nike sneakers
Courtesy: Kicks on Fire

Shawn Stussy x Dior B23

Another extraordinary collaboration the one by Shawn Stussy and Dior, bringing an exclusive B23 model on a cream or white base.

The model’s special feature focuses on the iconic typography of the Stussy brand in black hue.

Keep an eye out for updates to be aware of their release date.

Stussy and Dior sneakers
Courtesy: FRANCKY. B

Paul Rodriguez’s Nike SB Dunk High

A pair that we simply couldn’t leave out is this Nike SB Dunk High from the renowned Paul Rodriguez.

This model is inspired by the Mexican heritage of the skater, including the colors of the flag on its structure and highlighting his “world champion” title on the laces. A completely unique shoe that pays homage to P-Rod. Nice one!

This model will be released on January 21, 2020.

The most anticipated sneakers of 2020
Courtesy: Sneaker News

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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