The Museum of the Dog opens in New York City

The Museum of the Dog opens in New York

The Museum of the Dog will house sections of famous artists dedicated to canine art in New York

It’s official! The Museum of the Dog is moving to New York City! And it will open on February 8, providing a space for our furry friends; surely a treat!

This dog museum will have fun themes and unique digital experiences. The first exhibition is entitled For the Love of All Things Dog, specifically combining AKC and museum pieces.

painting of dogs

Visitors will have unlimited access to the library, therefore accessing everything about the breeds of their interest. The sweetest section is called “Find your partner;” visitors will put a photo of them with their furry friend next to the AKC’s collection.

This concept was founded in 1982 in the New York Life Building on Madison Avenue. Five years later it moved to St. Louis County, Missouri. Henceforth it will be permanently housed in the Kalikow Building on 101 Park Avenue.

Dog's Museum

The Museum will also have an application where children can interact with the exhibitions on “Arty” and make a virtual guide, which will make their experience in the museum unique.

In gratitude to those who generously contributed to supporting the project, there will be a space entitled “The AKC Club Wall of Fame” with a long list of sponsors that helped bring the project to life.

The Museum of the Dog opens in New York City
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“This museum is a beautiful ode to man’s best friend and we are delighted to bring these adorable pieces and exhibitions to new audiences,” said Alan Fausel, the creative director of the Museum of the Dog.

The Museum of the Dog opens in New York City
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This museum is, without a doubt, the best investment made to honor these incredible friends who fill our lives with joy.

Written by Luis Palomares;
translated by Paula Villanueva