how to draw Totoro

Tutorial to draw Totoro taught by Toshio Suzuki

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Toshio Suzuki, co-founder of Studio Ghibli shares this tutorial to draw Totoro and use confinement productively

We continue riding this wave of creativity that confinement has created; now it’s Toshio Suzuki’s turn and his tutorial to draw Totoro, the huge, hairy creature. Take out a pencil and paper because this is going to be good!

In the video, you’ll see the artist explaining each part of the tender character, whose mix between raccoon, cat, and owl is really fascinating. Furthermore, interestingly, in the Japanese imaginary, it’s said that cats, as they age, acquire magical powers and the ability to acquire other forms. Hence the bus-shaped cat.

Yoshio Suzuki's tutorial to draw Totoro
Courtesy: Giphy

According to Suzuki’s instructions, we should start with the ears; two triangles, not necessarily perfect, at a considerable distance, because, let’s not forget, Totoro is chubby. Then we move onto the rest of the body that is basically the whole tummy. The shape is similar to that of a Neapolitan flan.

Yoshio Suzuki's tutorial to draw Totoro
Courtesy: Youtube

Thereafter, we do the eyes, which must be on each side and very round and large. A medium black pupil will shape his mysterious gaze. The nose can be a brushstroke or a few lines. We can’t miss the whiskers and, of course, that hair pattern that adorns its stomach.

Yoshio Suzuki's tutorial to draw Totoro
Courtesy: Studio Ghibli

Thus, take along the little ones of the house, or just try it on your own. It can be a good relaxation exercise. Additionally, after his entry to the Netflix platform (which made us extremely happy!) and his wallpapers for Zoom, it can’t get much better than that. By the way, have you checked out our article on the virtual tour of the Studio Ghibli museum? If you haven’t check it out here.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)