Tyshawn Jones

Tyshawn Jones, a future for skateboarding

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Dig into the trajectory of Tyshawn Jones, a 20-year-old pro skater

Tyshawn Jones is an American skater who is killing it as a skater as well as with brands. He has worked with Supreme and Adidas; at just 20 years old, he has positioned himself as a favorite.

photo of Tyshawn Jones
Photo: Sherbert/ Trasher Magazine

His early years were spent between New Jersey and the Bronx in New York. In these two places, he began to grow as an amateur skater just like other youngsters.

He says that much of the influence to get into the sport was “Baker 3.” A production by Baker Skateboards in 2005, as well as its founder Andrew Reynolds.

Trasher cover
Trasher Magazine cover, photograph: Sherbert

Moreover, as simple as it may seem, all this was a breaking point for Tyshawn to achieve what he has done so far. His career as a professional skater began to peak in 2018.

All this thanks to his Skater of the Year award by Trasher, a publication dedicated to skateboarding. This recognition came about becuase of his popular jumps (obstacle jumps) made extremely quickly.

Tyshawn Jones
Courtesy: Tyshawn Jones

In skating terms, Tyshawn Jones is a regular skater, meaning he leads with his left foot. Much of his tricks are performed with nollie jumps, based on the front of the board to jump instead of the rear.

This style, which is not usually mastered, at such a young age was what made Supreme reach out to the young man. Hence, creating a close relationship to make videos with the brand which obviously include its products.

Courtesy: Adidas

Additionally, he created his own streetwear brand which is a success. Moreover, this past year, he launched his own sneakers with Adidas, which he recently re-pimped and launched again, but now in green.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)