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Volta  Contemporary Art Fair celebrates its 10th edition

Double Projection Shadow Portrait X and III, 2017 by Anthony Goicolea

Volta Contemporary Art Fair celebrates its 10th edition

More than 90 galleries gather at Volta Contemporary Art Fair

Volta Contemporary Art Fair celebrates its tenth edition from the 1st to the 5th of March at Pier 90 in New York. With 96 different galleries and a variety of artists from 46 different cities around the world, such as Tokyo, Valencia and Rio de Janeiro, this fair promises to continue showing the best of contemporary art.

Coherence, 2016 by Faig Ahmed

For its format of individual exhibitions, Volta focuses the experience of art fairs to their fundamental core: the artists and their work. Jose Angel Vincech, Shannon Forrester, Adam Lee, Polly Gould, Emma Bennet and Tina Schwarz are just a few of the guests at this edition, part of the Armory Arts Week.

Generoso Villareal

One of the artists selected for this edition is Honduran Lester Rodríguez, who shows how he explores the relationship between physical geography and symbolic construction that derive from it. He uses materials that refer to notions such as displacements, migration, territories, borders and their social and political implications.

This year’s program also includes Your Body is a Battleground, where a curator selects artwork based on a common theme, its 2016 edition was acclaimed. This year’s section is by Wendy Voguel and the theme revolves around the precariousness of the body and identity in a time of political turbulence.

Volta was founded in 2005 by art dealers Kavi Gupta, Friederich Loock and Ulrich Voges as a fair “from galleries to galleries”. The concept was redesigned in 2008, when it moved from Basel to New York. Since then, Volta has shown the contemporary art of emerging international artists and avant-garde trends.

Double Projection Shadow Portrait X and III, 2017 by Anthony Goicolea
Adrian Esparza
Szilard Gaspar

Text by Mariana Gaona; Photos by Briana Prieto

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