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What is THC and why does its use cause so much controversy

What is THC and is it healthy for those who consume it

If you are reading this, like us —before writing this article— you are not sure what THC is. Is THC in the marijuana plant, or is it just a type of plant? Maybe is it used to treat diseases? Is it legal? If you are only curious or you just landed here by chance, please, keep reading.

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THC is the abbreviation for “tetrahydrocannabinol” or Δ9-THC. This is a psychoactive cannabinoid from the Cannabis Sativa plant. All cannabis plants contain THC in their seeds, on stems, and on the flower. However, not all have the same percentage of this substance. For example, hemp has a minimum amount of 0.3%. Which is why the plant can be used for food, textile and medicinal purposes without the risk of getting high.

Cannabis Sativa or marijuana has more than 70 cannabinoids or chemical compounds. Depending on its presence and proportion, it is possible to determine the properties of each plant.

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THC: responsible for psychoactive effects

THC is the main component and the one responsible for most of the psychoactive effects of cannabis. It’s the element the causes the high you get, both psychoactive and physical. The senses are exacerbated a little more, you get a feeling of relaxation and well-being, and your appetite increases. You know, the usual. In addition to altering the perception of time and the body itself, the mood can be affected; you can become more euphoric or sedated. Another effect is that it decreases memory, stimulates it and tempers certain memories. Although, of course, everything varies from person to person.

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All of the above is the divide of any debate regarding the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana in certain countries. The properties mentioned above could help in treating physical or mental pathologies. For example, reducing pain without excessive use of pain relievers, or reducing the traumatic memories of a patient.

There are also those who, after the recreational use of the herb, express a creative and social openness. They feel more uninhibited and manage to see beyond the physical plane that ends up stimulating their ability to create. It has been mentioned in the literature, it’s no news. And what about those who used it to create new literary universes? For example, Roberto Bolaño, William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac or Carl Sagan.

The variety of consumption and possible harmful effects

All effects of THC are manifested when smoking, although there are people who prefer to eat products made with marijuana. So the ways are as varied as the tastes. It can be consumed in rolls, milk and even sweets. On the other hand, there are also options such as transdermal patches or drops.

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There are studies of all kinds on the short and long term effects of THC in people who use marijuana. An example is how it could trigger psychiatric disorders in adolescents, such as schizophrenia. It could also have long-term behavioral impairments. This results because, between 10 and 25 years of age, changes in the nervous system lead to greater cognitive and neuronal efficiency. In those years, neuronal maturity occurs.

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Despite its properties, it is not yet a therapeutic option as viable and accepted in most societies as CBD. The latter is already found in certain parts of the world in different presentations, from oils and creams to capsules or cosmetics. If you want to know what CBD is, just click here and read about it in All City Canvas.

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