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Meggs : Medi

Meggs is an artist based in L.A. and born in Melbourne, Australia. He’s one of the founders of the Everfresh Crew, a unique collective of street artists that opened Everfresh Studio in 2004. Meggs is known for his unique and very expressive style filled with references to pop-culture, the natural world and socio-cultural issues. He painted one of the main walls of the festival, making reference to the environmental conscience we need to build up.


By: Andrés Medina / @delabuena

How did you get into the graffiti world?

The thing that attracted me to graffiti, I guess as a young kid, I saw graffiti when I cought the train to school and stuff like that, and comic characters really inspired me. I actually wasn’t heavy into graffiti during my teen years, I was more into skateboarding, but I knew a lot of friends in graffiti so… But when I went to university, I studied graphic design, I really didn’t know at that point what an art career was… being a professional artist, but I obviously liked drawing and creating stuff, so graphic design was the obvious choice. I started to do some networking and with a group of guys we started the Everfresh Studio. Some of those guys were more into the graffiti scene, some others where into putting out posters, others stencil… but when I got involved in that, kind of gathered techniques, and that’s when I really got into it.


In terms of the walls you’ve painted around the world, what differences do you find between them?

That’s a good question; actually at some point, I worked the existing textures of the walls and their personality, but I think there’s always the excitement of painting places with out permission or painting in abandoned buildings; there’s always a character and a story there, and that’s why those walls are interesting to paint because it’s almost like you do less on them, but you know that’s what gives them something cool. I love that. Photographically they look really cool. I really like places where the graffiti culture is not that big you know, like recently I painted in Hilo, Hawaii… in these kinds of walls, the environment has a really big impact because they’re not used to it, so it has a very big response, you know? And this wall is more into the aesthetics, and you know it’s a festival… I’ve never really painted in a festival that was also into music and other stuff.


What’s your mural about?

I kind of have an ongoing series of work now that is very aligned with my own life path. I’ve become more environmental aware, I’m motivated to try to live in a more sustainable way and communicate a message within my work that allows us to appreciate the environment and evaluate, you know? That’s why the Sea Walls Project was so important for me. So, this piece in particular is a photo of me holding a conch, it represents a lot of what I absorbed when I was there and so it’s kind of appreciating and understanding that the ocean is a giver of life and that’s something we should all be aware of. Doing it here is bringing a piece of Hawaii to Montreal, as much as creating a beautiful image that people can appreciate is about people getting into taking care of nature and the ocean.

Meggs 2 : Medi

(Meggs 2 / Photo by: Medi)

So this year’s Mural edition has been magical, with lots of music, art and messages from the street art community. We are very excited to hear about next year’s edition, but until then, we salute all of the street art lovers and embrace you to keep doing the effort of traveling to Montreal and living this great cultural experience.

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