The most outstanding activities of Nuart Festival 2017

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Exhibitions, film projections, workshops, seminars and street art tours were some of the activities

The 12th edition of  Nuart Festival took place in Stavenger, Norway, from September 2  to October 15 , with the participation of 12 international artists.

Wall by: Derek Mawudoku
Photo by: Ian Cox
Wall bt: Slava Ptrk
Photo bye: Ian Cox

The festival opened with a multimedia presentation of Vermibus’ anti-advertising movement, where he disfigured ads placed in their original spot.
Nuart Festival organized the seminar entitled Revolution where issues such as the globalization of art, its institutionalization as well as its role in daily life were debated. The participating artists included Pedro Soares Neves, Mikkel Bolt, Igor Ponosov and Carrie Reichardt.

Photo by: Brian Tallaman
Photo by: Brian Tallman
Norwegian street with Vermibus’ disfigured adds
Photo by: Brian Tallman

The political activist and street artist, Bahía Shehab, exhibited her poetry piece I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. She is renowned for these poetry pieces which she has painted in different walls around the world.

Intervention by: Bahia Shehab
Photo by: Brian Tallman
Bahía Shehab at Nuart Festival
Photo by: Brian Tallman

Amnesty International was also part of the festival with a panel discussion organized by its global campaign director Sara MacNeice on LGBTI rights, as well  as the creation of the mural Brave, a wall  by Ricky Lee that portrays Finnish activist, Sakris Kupila.

Brave, by Ricky Lee
March for LGBTI rights on Nuart Festival 2017

Nuart Festival ended with an exhibition of artworks by the participating artists at Nuart Gallery.


Mais Menos. Photo by: Ian Cox
Street art tour in Stavenger