Premio Antonio Giordano 2016

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Premio Antonio Giordano (PAG) is an urban art festival aimed at promoting all forms of visual arts: painting, sculpture, photography and architecture. Focusing on contemporary art languages, PAG continues the research and experimentation activities carried out by the artist Antonio Giordano (painter, sculptor and photographer), a multifaceted exponent of the transavantgarde movement who passed away in 2013.

PAG promotion and divulgation of visual art in the urban space, considered as the privileged place for the discussion and the knowledge exchange. PAG selects artists from the urban art scene at national and international levels.

The event is organized by Associazione Culturale Antonio Giordano (ACAG), with the support of the town council of Santa Croce di Magliano (Italy). The selection of most suitable spaces, such as abandoned buildings and the most significant urban centres, and the art direction are managed by ACAG; special attention is paid to the selection of artists, namely of their artistic language, differing in terms of culture and formation, but also in terms of painting technique. The choice is based on the most suitable artistic language for the character of the places where the intervention is carried out.

bosoletti little wall

This third edition is hosting five artists: Francisco Bosoletti, Camilla Falsini, Giulio Vesprini, Guerrilla Spam and Zed1, who are making artworks on the walls of private and public buildings. The artists have been  following each other since June 25 until the end of July. The event will see the realization of urban art interventions on five walls, but also on small facades and doors, as well as a workshop of poster art, open to students, artists and illustrators.

falsini little wall

The five-week event will culminate with the creation of new artworks, enriching the outdoor “art gallery” that is taking place.

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