Revolutions per minute: celebrating 12 years of Nuart Festival

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Nuart Festival and Nuart Gallery will have an exhibition at Saatchi Gallery in London in 2018

Nuart Festival is one of the most important urban art events in the world. It gathers 10 national and international artists annually to collaborate on non-legal and legal practices in public places. It also has an art gallery in Norway called Nuart Gallery, which focuses on the producing and exhibiting street art projects.

From November 29 to January 7 2018, Nuart Festival and Nuart Gallery will exhibit Revolutions per minute, a show that will feature prints and original artworks of different urban art styles at Saatchi Gallery in London, one of the most important contemporary art galleries in the world.

The exhibition will commemorate the 12 years that this organization has supported urban art.

Artworks by international artists, such as Martha Cooper and Jamie Reid, as well as pieces by emerging Norwegian talents that have collaborated in the festival throughout its twelve editions, will be featured at the exhibition.

Nuart Festival and Nuart Gallery were created to promote and broadcast street art in all its forms: from stencil art to figurative muralism.

Nuart Gallery was founded to present exhibitions and art projects at a regional and national scale in Norway. Their programs are designed to delve into and question the mechanisms of power and politics in public spaces.