Sten Lex completes the world’s largest stencil artwork in Mexico

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The art piece is part of DistritoTec, an urban regeneration project in Monterrey

The Italian artist duo Sten Lex completed their latest piece Digital Landscape, the first-ever intervention of the Luis Elizondo Auditorium, the cultural hub of the renowned Tecnológico de Monterrey University. Their intervention is considered the world’s largest stencil artwork, covering 4,000 m2 of the auditorium’s surface with 1,952 m2 of black and white paint, and 1,599 m2 of strips of paper.

The auditorium left behind its signature terracotta color to become an example of how this new aesthetic – a new “skin” – can be interpreted as an abstraction of our evolution thanks to today’s digital advances.

Digital Landscape is part of DistritoTec, a project organized by the Tecnológico de Monterrey that aims to regenerate urban spaces in 24 neighborhoods that surround its campus. An important part of the project is the Public Art Program (PAP), an initiative that seeks to create bonds between the community – some 20,000 people live in the surroundings -, the university buildings and its public spaces through art.

The curator of the seven artworks that have been included in the project is the art and design firm ARTO Studio, which is leading a long term strategy that has transformed the Luis Elizondo Auditorium as well as other parts of the campus.

The Auditorium has been the center of cultural productions since its opening in 1980. It holds presidential debates every 6 years, broadcasts New York’s Metropolitan Opera concerts, and has had artists of the likes of Pavarotti.