The Rise of Graffitti Writing: a series on the emergence of street art

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The documentary series will dig into the rise of graffiti and its history over the last five decades

Red Tower Films, a freelance company that focuses on short films, and Art Creative, a French digital platform that produces and  broadcasts art content, will release The Rise of Graffiti Writing, a documentary series that merges the origins and history of graffiti, a movement that has been in existence for five decades.

Renowned artists  like LEE, Futura, FAB5FREDDY, SKEME and Robert del Naja from Massive Attack will be a part of the series.

The first season has 13 episodes, where various artists from New York and Europe share their experiences and knowledge on their practice  of this art genre, that started in the 70’s in subway wagons and public spaces and is now auctioned, collected and  bought for millions of dollars.

Among those intervieweds is Yaki Kornblit, a notorious Dutch gallerist that introduced New York graffiti to Europe, by setting up some of the first exhibitions of this art genre in the old continent, and promoting the careers of the street art pioneers.

The Rise of Graffiti Writing includes the testimony of Charlie Ahearn, a New York filmmaker who’s  had a great impact on the urban art movement. His most famous work is Wild Style, a film that approaches hip hop as a vast culture that goes hand in hand with MCing, DJing, breakdance and graffiti.

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