Escena de Dead Space Remake

Alan Wake Remastered, Dead Space Remake: Is the Horror Genre Having a Re-do?

The horror genre in online games has undoubtedly seen a huge revival with the release of the masterpiece Alan Wake Remastered, and Dead Space Remake which will be launched soon. Their players and lovers have been eagerly waiting for a long time now. The creators and designers intend to improve the projects by elevating yet remaining faithful to the games’ initial adventure, mystery, suspense, thrill, and tension. The plan is to completely envelope the fans and players so the changes revolve around better and more appealing visuals and even more enjoyable and atmosphere-creating audio. There are no publicly-announced plans to make any changes to the original themes of both of these games yet. 

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There’s always a game for any taste

The gaming industry has truly bloomed over the recent years, making various game titles famous and attracting audiences that wouldn’t have been considered as gamers not so long ago. Nowadays everyone is welcomed to choose from thousands of games on the web from indie projects to some well-known casual casino games. For example, roulette online is very popular and approachable with any amount of gaming experience, offering premium-quality entertainment with not so much effort. Horror games on the other hand represent a more niche genre.

  • Both Alan Wake Remastered and Dead Space Remake share an ability to captivate the attention and imagination of the players and critics with their wonderful graphics and music. 
  • Their gameplay designs are so great as to bound the players to visit them again and again and to recommend them to others as well. 
  • Besides offering a fresh approach to the horror genre, both games also provide a great opportunity for easily accessible entertainment and an enjoyable user experience.
  • Both the animations are highly colorful and attractive. 

Some Interesting Details about Alan Wake Remastered

The developer of this masterpiece is the most well-known company Remedy Entertainment which has produced lots of interesting and profitable projects alongside this one. Since the very beginning of the century, the company has been quite popular with its online game productions and their success. 

Gathering millions of fans worldwide, Alan Wake has always risen to engage its audience and to keep them together. One of the best examples of the horror genre, Alan Wake was first released back in 2010 gathering immense applause from professional gamers and critics alike. 

The major change that you see in Alan Wake Remastered is that it comes in a downloadable form and does not work like the conventional cloud-based games but offers much better features and enhanced accessibility. 

Some Interesting Details about Dead Space Remake 

Dead Space remake is a science fiction horror game. Electronic Arts is the publisher of this unparalleled project. 

Major changes in the next version of the game revolve around making the atmosphere more magical and adventurous. It has also kept its fans waiting for several years to experience its better form. 

The release date has been officially announced on their official YouTube channel where the team has proudly given a glimpse of their future improvements. Millions of fans around the globe are turning their calendars as they wait eagerly to capture the best parts of their favorite game.