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Episode 300 of South Park is censored in China

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The production has already apologized to China for the 300th episode of South Park, in a satirical manner

Episode 300 of South Park was censored in China because of a critique of the country’s government. This chapter is full of metal, marihuana, Winnie the Pooh and an anti-vaccine Cartman.

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South Park is one of the series which —thanks to its reduced production time— is trendy. It brings the short term essential themes of social and political criticism to the satirical field.

Now, about to premiere its 300th episode, it is once again on everyone’s lips, but especially the Chinese government’s, which has censored this episode in the country. It removed it from any streaming platforms.

A direct criticism of the country’s government…?

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The reason, simple and not very unknown: a direct criticism of the country’s government. The latter is literally seen throughout the episode in the face of the censorship that this country enforces. That’s very ironic since this episode has also suffered the consequences.

The chapter has two plot twists, one that focuses on Randy, Stan’s father. The second is Stan and his small group of friends.

Courtesy: South Park

Randy’s story focuses on a marihuana business he has and wants to expand to China. This is because business usually grows a lot when they get to China or a local company invests abroad.

However, not everything goes as he wants and he ends up arrested with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. A nod to the censorship that the country made to this character for mocking President Xi Jinping.

Courtesy: South Park

On the other hand, Stan has a Death Metal band that he wants to make famous and leave the country. Yet China’s entertainment decisions prevent it from achieving its goal because it does not allow commercial music.

Faced with this, the South Park production apologized, which seemed more like a joke. But despite it all, it didn’t prevent the premiere of Episode 2 of Season 23 in the rest of the world.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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