Gola Hundun: The creative chaos in art and nature

The artistic universe of Gola Hundun: when nature creates art

Text by Mariana Gaona – Translation by Briana Prieto Fuentes

Gola Hundun’s 2016 marked his artistic career. When walking through the streets of San Pedro Macoris, a town in the Dominican Republic, a building captured his attention; it was an abandoned masonic temple that, in the artist’s words, construction was already a work of art. The combination of a quiet vegetation in an imposing architecture.


In this way, the building intervened, adding a small detail to draw people’s attention to the building’s construction: three large strips of fabric in green and blue tones spread over the facade; the most striking, placed in the middle, a large red circle at the top surrounded by figures that resemble the diversity of trees that exist in the location.


The work of Gola Hundun, an italian artist, is characterized by showing the relation of human beings with nature; explores topics such as the communication between species, shamanism, vegetarianism and spirituality. His artistic universe is influenced by sacred art, psychedelic and zoology.

Courtesy: Gola Hundun

In 2010 he was in an artistic residence in Canada, which kickoff his career internationally. Currently his work goes beyond the limits of painting: he also performs installations involving fiber, living plants, electronic music and performance.

Courtesy: Gola Hundun

Gola Hundun’s intervention for Artesan Project is nothing more than “the dichotomy between the creative chaos of nature and the human need to define the laws of the universe,” he described.

With information from Gola Hundun, Tost Films, Remolacha and The Artesan Project.

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