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Banksy’s online store puts Stormzy’s vest up for sale

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This Stormzy bulletproof vest is one of the pieces sold at Banksy’s Gross Domestic Product store

Have you had a chance to visit Banksy’s online store? If you haven’t already, we recommend you do so; you’ll get to see the new bulletproof vest that’s up for sale, courtesy of rapper Stormzy.


You’ll wonder why the hell this type of vest is on sale in that store. Well, it turns out that in the 2019 edition of Glastonbury, the rapper came out to sing on stage dressed in a bulletproof vest, which is now part of the store’s stock.

The vest stands out because it has the UK flag in white stamped on it. The store is called Gross Domestic Product ™. Banksy also opened a brick and mortar store in Croydon, in South London.

Courtesy: Fubiz

In addition to being able to try on the vest, you’ll also find a ripped Banksy T-shirt that reminds us of the self-destroyed artwork at Sotheby’s. You can also get cups, cushions, a Tony the Tiger carpet, watches with Banksy’s characteristic rat, a disco ball police helmet, a lamp with a balaclava, amongst other items.

“Where art irritates life…”

Best of all is the concept of the store as it is defined as “Banksy’s brand of household items,” while the footer on the website says “… where art irritates life.”

Courtesy: Dazed

Finally, Stormzy’s vest, spray-painted with a Union Jack, is on sale for 850 Euros. His description reads something like: “Just like Stormzy wore it at Glastonbury (because it’s very dangerous there).”

Courtesy: Ian Gavan / Getty Images / R: Banksy

And get this, to buy the items online, buyers must first answer the question “Why is art important?” You will then be given the opportunity to purchase the item of your choice if your answer is “good enough” and consistent.

So put some effort into it guys! By the way, did you hear what Banksy did with his last sale? Check out what the controversy is all about here.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

Fernando Huacuz

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