Top murals for the month of April according to All City Canvas

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The pandemic is not yet over and neither is street art, so here are the top murals for April

Take advantage of your free time and confinement to check out the selection of top murals for April brought to you by the All City Canvas team. Power to street art!

1UP / Puerto Rico

We begin this list of top murals for the month of April with the graffiti crew 1UP crew, who collaborated with the renowned street artist Maya Hayuk in a mural that shifts between an illegal piece and street art. As always, the crew left their renowned imprint on the top part of a building in the heart of Puerto Rico.

Courtesy: @1up_crew-official

Art + Believe / Brighton

Another group of artists that managed to create a mural pre-quarantine times are Art + Believe’s creative team, who worked alongside Baobab Developments to create the piece. In it, we see a wide variety of geometric shapes and colors that evoke the figure of the iconic Frida Kahlo.

Courtesy: Art + Believe

In addition, Art+ Believe recaptured a part of the life of the painter who painted bedridden for almost her whole life. Therefore “isolation can be an inspiration,” claim the artists.

Elian Chali / Argentina

Elian Chali left a monumental piece in the center of Tandil, in Argentina. It was the last piece by the artist before the confinement, which presents the geometric shapes and colors so characteristic of his work.

Courtesy: Elian Chali

On his official Instagram account, the artist accompanied the photo of his mural with a reflection: “This is the last piece I did before the mandatory confinement. Before our homes become franchises of the prison system. Before kisses are a threat to public hygiene.”

Martin Ron / Buenos Aires

The third mural on this list is by the muralist Martin Ron. Another of the pre-confinement creations before the Covid-19 confinement. Moreover, the piece shows the silhouette of a child trying to blow up a heart-shaped balloon that appears to be deflating.

Courtesy: Instagram/@ronmuralist

Furthermore, according to the artist, the locals questioned the meaning of the image. However, Ron urged the audience to form their own performance. In addition, he said, “it comforts me to know that deep down, the universe is wise, it’s obvious that it’s sending us a message.”

Pichiavo / Australia

Lastly, we give you a piece by the Spanish duo Pichiavo who participated in the Wonderwalls Port Adelaide Festival, in the south of Australia. In the mural, we can see the Cupid of Francois-Joseph Bosio with an arch (1808) in the impressive style of the two artists.

Courtesy: Instagram/@pichiavo

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

Fernando Huacuz

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