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Why street art is no longer the artworld’s bastard

by Nicole Chaput [spacer height=”20px”] Mural by Low Bros in Brazil [spacer height=”20px”] The academic art sphere has an obsession with two terminologies: lowbrow and highbrow. Each one of these has a subtype that adjusts to a specific medium or form: galleries and public spaces, haute couture and streetwear, sculpture and pottery and stretched canvas… Keep Reading

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Richard Prince: the Opportunist

Text by Nicole Chaput We all remember the essay by Rosalind Krauss condemning originality and naming Sherrie Levine one of the greatest examples of art in its postmodernist era. For the forgetful, here is a quick recap: Sherrie Levine re-photographed photos from prominent photographers such as Walker Evans. After shooting an identical copy of the famous… Keep Reading

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