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Bier En Brood unveil new mural in New York for ACC


Bier En Brood unveil new mural in New York for ACC

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The Rotterdam duo created the 15th mural for All City!

The Dutch duo Bier En Brood created a monumental mural on 211 West 29 St in Manhattan, New York. This piece is the 15th mural of the All City Canvas Global Series. Yay!

This mural joins the international circuit of our great family, with artists such as Interesni Kazki, Saner, Sego, Escif, D*Face, Vhils, Agostino Iacurci, It’s A Living, El Mac, Roa, Herakut and many more to come.

Check all the details in our interview with them below.

By the way, this piece stands out not only for its large scale. The imposing structure of the building in the Manhattan skyline is amazing! Additionally, the building is designed with the latest energy efficiency standards. Combining it with art created an absolutely perfect union.

Piece for All City Canvas

The concept of the wall made by Bier En Brood is focused on the energy that passes through the building. A portal to another world. The artists describe it as “a metaphor for New York City, a place that takes you to an almost unreal world, where anything can happen.” The mural also plays with the viewer’s perspective. Depending on what angle you see it from, and the way the energy flows, the piece will inevitably capture you!

Bier En Brood for All City Canvas

The importance of this Global Series is very relevant. It means that All City Canvas has made its mark in the center of the Big Apple –Midtown. A feat not many can boast.

Piece for All City Canvas

It’s important to mention that this isn’t the first time All City Canvas does something in New York. In 2013, ACC alongside Smithe, invaded the concrete jungle for the first time in Brooklyn. He created a mural on migration and the power of its people. It was so relevant and powerful, that the New York Times even published us!

Who are Bier En Brood?

Let us tell you about the natural talent these artists have. Born in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, these two illustrators have dedicated their lives to creating. They’ve done extraordinary pieces around the world, and their last mural is no exception.

Bier En Brood, mural for All City Canvas

Their creations are inspired by machines, nature, and architecture. This is how they create unique pieces with a somewhat sinister and apocalyptic style. So cool!

They’re clearly lovers of contrast, Koen Harmsma and Jelmer Noordeman create an awesome union between their drawings and black and white lines. Creating unmatched pieces, worthy of being admired from any angle.

Piece for All City Canvas

Bier En Brood, or “Beer and Bread” in English, also create amazing pencil works. They know how to perfectly use spray paint and make paintings in general. Their motto: the bigger the better.

All City Canvas Mural

The large scale of the mural they created for All City Canvas has met the expectations of the artists who have produced unrivaled pieces. It’s A Living also did it recently for All City Canvas Global Series in Hermosillo, Mexico.

All City Canvas Mural

Lastly, since we’ve told you a little about this mural and the artists who created it, don’t you feel like taking a trip to New York to check it out? ❤️

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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