Justin Aversano at NFT gallery


In Quantum Space other NFT artists will be able to exhibit and sell their works

The iconic Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California has become the site of NFT photographer Justin Aversano’s new project called Quantum Space. Said venue is the latest in a growing trend of physical NFT galleries.

Justin Aversano portrait
Credit: Jason Nelson

That is to say, it is an installation made up of large flat-screen televisions that line the walls throughout the place and show images of various digital artists who have partnered with the startup to exhibit and sell their work.

Aversano said the Santa Monica space is an experiment; the next opening is planned for this fall in New York, with the hope of launching similar facilities around the world. “We plan to open one a month next year,” Aversano said. “We want to have 20 to 50 spaces around the world.”

Quantum space Gallery
Credit: Twitter@justinaversano

Who Justin Aversano?

To better understand the context in which this project was born, you should know that Justin Aversano is a photographer and curator who is famous for his iconic Twin Flames series. In said work he photographed one hundred sets of twins with the aim of creating a body of work focused on the existence of multiple births and the phenomenon of twins through an immersive portrait survey.

Justin Aversano with someone
Credit: Decrypt

In this sense, the artist took advantage of the inauguration of the Quantum Space to launch his new project, Doppelgänger, a collection of 1000 outtakes of Twin Flames. Photos of twin brothers taken by Aversano around the world are projected on large hanging curtains in the center of the space.

“Twin Flames basically gave birth to Quantum. The success of Twin Flames, the community around Twin Flames, pushed me to support other photographers,” said Aversano. Best of all, Quantum isn’t just about him, it’s about helping other artists and creators across the space.

Finally, there will be collaborations from sculptors, painters, digital artists, fashion designers, and others building the nascent metaverse. And for those who are still lost in the world of NFTs, we leave you our note with a detailed explanation of this new digital world. Also check Quantum Space projects through their website.

Translated by Paula Villanueva