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BLOOP Festival 2017 and all you need to know

Courtesy: Okuda San Miguel

BLOOP Festival 2017 and all you need to know

BLOOP Festival, the world’s first festival entirely dedicated to Proactive Art

Text by Cristina Ochoa

Translation by Briana Prieto F. in collaboration with Paula Villanueva

Seven consecutive years of BLOOP Festival has attracted attention to a vast number of people who work in the art and creative industry by opening a new path for Ibiza`s tourism market.

BLOOP Festival mural
Courtesy: Bloop

The proactive art festival was born in 2011 with the theme “Sea Creatures;” six editions later, the project is consolidated as one of the most important across the globe.

Courtesy: Bloop

With the idea of ​​holding an event that attracts the general public – not just the people who frequent galleries and museums – the festival was brought to Ibiza, created by the creative studio Biokip Labs.

BLOOP Festival mural

This project consists of artworks made in different mediums: murals, digital art, music, sculptures, installations, photography, painting, video installations and special events.

Courtesy: Bloop

The participating artists in this festival are international collaborators, like, INO, Aec of the duo Interesni Kazki, INTI, Bisser, Tom Gallant, Martha Cooper, and many others.

Mural in Bloop Festival
Courtesy: Bloop

Each year, art is created around a general theme; the past editions themes were “Sea Creatures” (2011); “Appearance” (2012); “Control” (2013); “The Best -Arrogance-” (2014); “Parallel Universes” (2015), and “No Fear” (2016). All of them seek to create a moment of reflection for the attendees.

BLOOP Festival mural
Courtesy: Bloop

The 2017 edition will take place from August 23 to September 16. Stay tuned for this year’s theme, Changes, and more information to come on BLOOP festival.

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