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It’s impossible to talk about basketball without thinking about the one who, decades later, is still considered the best player in the history of the sport, Michael Jordan, because thanks to his talent, he dominated an entire era of the NBA becoming one of its main role models.

Backed by the reknown Nike brand and his incredible ability on the court, this legend has been the inspiration for the creation of a tennis shoe line that changed the world of basketball and streetwear forever. Thanks to more than 30 different models, the Air Jordans remain one of streetwear’s favorite trend, becoming one of the most sought after lines by collectors; we bring you 3 oddities about them.

1. Cars have taken part in some designs

The NBA star has a particular taste for European cars, this passion has been the inspiration for the design of some AJ models, such as the Air Jordan XIV, designed with characteristics of Porsche and Ferrari cars. In fact, Michael asked for a car as part of the first agreement with Nike in 1984; after several conversations with the brand, he managed to get it.

nike air jordan ferrari
Nike Air Jordan

In 1985, the Nike Air Jordan 1 officially came out to the market with a high top design, where the Nike Swoosh logo and the first logo of the line made up of a ball with wings stood out. It should be noted that in 2020 these sneakers were sold for $560,000 at a Sotheby’s auction, achieving a historical record for basketball shoes, as they have great historical value. Later, in 1988, the logo changed to what is now known as the brand’s visible card, the emblematic Jumpman, which consisted of Michael Jordan’s silhouette jumping to score a dunk. Few know that this figure originated three years ago during a photo shoot that Michael did for Nike which was called the Jordan Wrap Jumper.

3. The line has been an inspiration for new collaborations

Many artists have worked hand in hand with the brand to create a line of sneakers inspired by the AJs, an example of this is the famous singer Billie Eilish who launched a line with her favorite sneakers, the AJKO 1 and the AJ15, where she included the numbers “23-6-15” in the design referring to the jersey, Michael Jordan’s NBA championships and the model he created with Nike. Furthermore, the film industry has also referenced basketball and the Air Jordan VI for Batman’s clothing, creating the ‘Bat Boots’ for the 1992 sequel Batman Returns.

Billie Eilish Nike Air Jordab
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#Oddities | Did you know? – Michael Keaton wore a Nike Air Jordan 6 with the Batsuit in Batman Returns (1992).

The AJ 6 was originally released in 1991.

Heroes wear Air Jordan????

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Nike Air Jordan Batman 1992
Courtesy: 1989 Batman
Nike Air Jordan Batman 1992
Courtesy: 1989 Batman

This sport has also managed to be present in other industries, as many fans seek to closely follow this sport in various media channels, such as video games like the NBA JAM, NBA 2K20 or even in sports betting houses with bonuses listed here, which fans use to religiously follow all the games and their favorite players who are also building an incredible career in the basketball world inspired by Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan basketball player
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Undoubtedly, this character has left a legacy in the universe of sports, Nike and streetwear, where the value of each design that launches in the market carries with it years of history, sports and fame from one of basketball stars.

Translated by Paula Villanueva