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In-N-Out Burger releases its own sneakers

Courtesy: In-N-Out

In-N-Out Burger releases its own sneakers

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New sneakers by In-N-Out Burger are inspired by their soft drink cups

The restaurant chain In-N-Out Burger has released a pair of sneakers inspired by its soft drink cups. Unfortunately, they will only be available in the restaurant’s online store and two key locations in California.

It’s worth mentioning that this is not the first time they have launched a clothing line. They had previously collaborated with Puma in a collection that you check out here.

In-N-Out Burger
Courtesy: In-N-Out

The news broke out on the restaurant’s official Instagram profile where we caught a glimpse of the Slip-On design.

Among the main features is an enclosed white color design with red details. These replicate the slick design of the restaurant’s cups featuring palm trees on a beach and sea waves.

In-N-Out Burger

The design is minimalist with a linear look and the use of only two colors. Its fresh style is worthy of being flaunted on the streets of California in the summer sun.

The official price for these sneakers, called Drink Cup Shoes is $64.95 for adults. As for children’s sizes, they’re $39.95.

In-N-Out Burger
Courtesy: In-N-Out

However, it will be quite a feat to get your hands on a pair, as they’ll be for sale only in limited locations. Straight off the bat, the chain’s online store will have its own distribution, where they will be easier to find. However, there will only be two physical locations in California where you can purchase them. The spots have not been disclosed, but we’re speculating you’ll find them in their branches.

In-N-Out Burger
Courtesy: In-N-Out

In addition, there’s no exact date for the sneakers’ release. But based on the post where they were featured, they’re expected to be released by February 14.

You’ll just have to wait a bit, and if you can’t take it, how about hitting an In-N-Out for a burger. Double the joy!

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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