Jonathan Levine

Jonathan Levine: a journey from his beginnings

As the Jonathan Levine Gallery turns 10 this year, All City Canvas pays tribute to the man behind one of New York’s most prestigious art galleries

We sat down for an afternoon chat with founder  Jonathan Levine for a mind-blowing time travel tale. So we are going from his beginnings in the counterculture world of art,  punk rock and fanzines to curating shows at Maxwell ‘s to Max Fish and CBGB ‘s to opening Tin Man Alley in New Hope alongside his mother, to working with Shepard Fairey and Gary Baseman. 

Along the way, we hear about the amazing adventures he has gone through to get where he is today, from bagels to tin toys.

From Tin Man Alley to New York City, he continues his journey from New Hope to Philadelphia, ending in New York City.

He tells us about his view on how technology and art coexist. Also the secrets of how to look for new artists, his perception of the new wave of Mexican artists. And his favorite punk rock bands and so much more!

Happy 10 and cheers to many more!