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    Kevin Peterson ‘s paintings on fauna and childhood freedom

    13 Mar 19
    by Fernando Huacuz

    A peculiar abandoned environment by Kevin Peterson

    Kevin Peterson is a painter from Nevada. His work unites nature as well as childhood. He mixes them in a very peculiar, almost abandoned urban environment.

    In addition, the artist creates a world that mixes all his paintings in one specific universe. Thus, Peterson depicts how you live and grow in a broken world, filled with fears and harsh realities.

    His work is well known for illustrating the cover of "The Getaway" album by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It portrays a girl walking aimlessly with a bear and a raccoon.

    Morover, Peterson has a history of alcohol and drugs. Hence, he faced many difficult situations. But, in 2005 he got sober and devoted himself 100% to art.

    Thus, he recounts his experiences and perspectives of the world in his paintings. As a result, his portrayal seems post-apocalyptic; a disaster caused perhaps by humans.