Lichtenstein looking fine!

Take a spin around the world in this edition starting in Campobasso, Italy for the latest edition of the “Antonio Giordano Award for Writing and Street Art,” where artists Mr. Thoms, Zed1, Alberonero and Icks intervened amazing public and private facades of buildings in Santa Croce di Magliano.

We then head to New York City were Monument Art festival and artist Celso González are bringing a sick line-up of artists like El Mac, Faith 47, Ever, 2 Alas and Sego to create murals around the Bronx and El Barrio at the beginning of October.

Also in New York, but indoors, Gagosian Gallery has a phenomenal exhibition entitled “Roy Lichtenstein: Greene Street Mural”. Where a replica of the original 1983 mural and incredible pieces by the artist can be appreciated.

We bounce to London where International Alert is launching the #ART4PIECE auction. It includes artworks by renowned artists Sten Lex, Know Hope, Clet Abraham and many more. All proceeds go to vital peace building work in more than 25 countries around the world.

DID YOU KNOW? That Getty Images teamed up with Instagram to launch the Getty Images Instagram Grant… Aimed at rewarding photographers who are documenting the everyday lives of underrepresented groups around the globe? Check out the winners!


Written by Paula Villanueva