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23 Oct 15

D*Face in Mexico City for All City Canvas Global Series 2015

? ? ACABÓ LA ESPERA ? ? ¡D*Face es el artista invitado para esta edición de ‪#‎ACCGS‬ en la Ciudad de México! ?? Intervendrá una pared icónica en algún lugar de la ciudad 〰〰 muy pronto les diremos dónde ? Este evento se lleva a cabo en colaboración con el British Council Mexico dentro del […]
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8 Sep 15

Turrell ’s Most Ambitious Work Yet

Turrell explores sensory limitations and their relationship to social and cultural patterns. But Roden Crater is his most ambitious work yet… The word innovation comes up frequently in the advertising world. Whether it is a promising lens, a dashing vehicle or a vain mascara, they all promise the same thing: innovation. I still find Nissan’s […]
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31 Aug 15

Dismaland and my family vacation to dystopian amusement park

We are heading to Dismaland because it is a simulation of the vile world we live in, I tell them My kids are ten but we have this mutual understanding that if I treat them as If they’re twenty, we will enjoy a rewarding environment. So when they told me they wanted to go to Disneyland […]
27 Aug 15

ACC TOP 10: Most Influential Women in Urban Contemporary Art 2015

Discover the All City Canvas Top 10 Most Influential Women in Urban Contemporary Art in 2015: 10. Elle 9. Indie 184 8. Miss Van 7. Hera 6. Hyuro 5. Martha Cooper 4. Olek 3. Faith47 2. Swoon 1. Maya Hayuk Share the wealth of these powerful women!
24 Aug 15

The Icon of a political nightmare

By Nicole Chaput [spacer height=”20px”] [spacer height=”20px”] My friends and I got together for lunch the other day and one of them urged for us to go see the Steve McCurry exhibit. Someone asked who he was. “You all know that photo of the Afghan girl with green eyes that appeared in the cover of […]
17 Aug 15


By Nicole Chaput   When looking at one of those exceptional works, one begins to distill the piece. We guess what colors were combined to get that specific shade of blue and estimate the number of layers that lie beneath the surface. We read about the piece and become aware of its context to understand […]
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13 Aug 15

The Image Hunter, the amazing project by artist Hitness

Take flight with Italian artist Hitness and his amazing project The Image Hunter to discover Audubon’s “Birds of America” through murals and more good news We are going with Hitness and his amazing project “The Image Hunter” to discover Audubon’s “Birds of America” through murals. Proyectos Unidos Mexicanos (PUM) will be landing in New York […]
6 Aug 15

Art: Reforming Youth from Brooklyn to Mexico City

  In the framework of International Youth Day (IYD), we present a Short Story that is very dear to our heart because it celebrates the work of two great organizations, Cauce Ciudadano A.C. and Young New Yorkers – in Mexico City and New York respectively -, that strive not only to better the lives of […]
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30 Jul 15

Hot Art Summer! Our seasonal recommendations list

Check out our Hot Art Summer top of projects you need to follow This is our hot art summer recommendations. The heat is on and so are artists and projects around the world! We begin in Atlanta with the latest edition of All City Canvas Global Series in conjunction with Herman Miller Cares where Italian […]
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29 Jul 15

By the way, I am Orozco ‘s son

Orozco ‘s objective was to illustrate a universal truth instead of addressing microcosmic symptoms of the general disease… First, this is a truly and sensitive essay abour José Clemente Orozco ´s legacy. Whenever I come back to Mexico City, I go visit my friends on the third floor of Palacio Nacional de Bellas Artes. I […]
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3 Jun 15

Sten Lex and The Timeless Geometry

An intimate interview with stencil maestros Sten Lex on their visit to Mexico City. “The Timeless Geometry of Sten Lex ” allows us to delve in the duo’s beginnings, their evolution from portraits to abstractism. Also their perception of art in our times, the future they seek and, as is already tradition for All City […]
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18 Feb 15

Jonathan Levine: a journey from his beginnings

As the Jonathan Levine Gallery turns 10 this year, All City Canvas pays tribute to the man behind one of New York’s most prestigious art galleries We sat down for an afternoon chat with founder  Jonathan Levine for a mind-blowing time travel tale. So we are going from his beginnings in the counterculture world of […]
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20 Oct 14

All City Canvas festival: The Short-Film of the first edition

The first street art festival by All City Canvas was inaugurated in April 2012 All City Canvas is considered one of the best international urban art festivals. The project, created by ARTO, MAMUTT and the Museo del Juguete Antiguo, was inaugurated in April 2012. 8 internationally renowned artists such as ROA (Belgium), ESCIF (Spain), INTERESNI […]
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20 Mar 20

Liam Gallagher wants Oasis to give a benefit concert

In a recent tweet, Liam Gallagher asked his brother to reunite Oasis for a concert… Will he achieve it this time? One of the most anticipated reunions in music is Oasis and Liam Gallagher also wants it to happen. So much so that he recently tweeted about a proposal to his brother for a charity […]
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19 Mar 20

Jeremy Booth celebrates local creatives with a mural

A new mural in Kentucky by Jeremy Booth pays tribute to the work of local creatives Artist Jeremy Booth has created a colorful mural in the NuLu neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. His main intention is to celebrate and motivate local artists to continue creating pieces that make life more cheerful. This mural was commissioned by […]
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18 Mar 20

Taschen presents book by Antoni Gaudí

A compilation with the works by the iconic artist by the famous publishing house, Taschen Antoni Gaudí is one of the figures of modern architecture par excellence; that’s why the publisher Taschen recently published a book that collects the most memorable buildings by this artist. It is a publication consisting of 368 pages, where we […]
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18 Mar 20

Artworks also quarantined by Coronavirus

The artworks we’ll talk about also escaped because of the annoying virus It isn’t easy for anyone to stay home in confinement for forty days, nor is it for the characters in these artworks that decided to leave their original place and take a break. Or at least that’s what the Spanish painter and photographer […]
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17 Mar 20

Blade Runner video game returns in 2020

A new version of the classic Blade Runner video game will be remastered The popular 1997 Blade Runner video game will have a new version that will be released in 2020. This remake will include new events, new characters, locations, and an improved plot, bringing back the 1982 film. Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is the […]
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17 Mar 20

Escif’s Falla de Valencia is burned without public due to Covid19

The Coronavirus pandemic caused the definitive cancellation of the Fallas de Valencia and after a few days, the piece created by Escif was set on fire in the early morning without any public The Coronavirus was officially declared a pandemic by the WHO and one of the countries that have been greatly hit by this […]