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KitKat Japan launches Olympic gold chocolates

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KitKat Japan’s chocolate brand launched a special edition for the 2020 Olympics

KitKat Japan and Tokyo Banana have released a new chocolate to commemorate the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. It presents a packaging that simulates gold as a commercial stimulus for Japanese athletes to win medals.

Banana Tokyo KitKat
Courtesy: KitKat

The flavor of the chocolates is banana with an extra “Tokyo Golden Caramel.” Hence, symbolizing the next world competition in this country.

Here’s the scoop: the chocolate bars will be covered in white chocolate, with added caramel powder to intensify the sweet taste.

Banana Tokyo KitKat
Courtesy: Kit Kat

Additionally, the KitKat and Tokyo Banana logos will be engraved on each chocolate.

Thus, it shows an edible and small representation of the gold nuggets. Additionally, it will have a pleasant taste and a bright, Olympic-style wrap.

Courtesy: KitKat

This new presentation of the popular chocolate comes in a small package. It can be purchased in boxes of 8 or 15 chocolates of $6 and $15 USD respectively.

So far, its sale has been announced only in Japan and can be obtained from now until January 8, 2020, in Tokyo Okashi Land. After that date, you’ll find it in strategic and tourist spots in Japan.

Gold Chocolate
Courtesy: KitKat

In addition, it would be interesting to see their worldwide distribution or in the countries that are participating in the Olympic Games. Therefore, maintaining the essence of motivating athletes to win gold medals for each sport.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)