Positive messages

Street art with positive messages in coronavirus times

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In the face of a complicated moment around the world due to the coronavirus, street art shares positive messages

Around the world, many street artists have chosen to share positive messages regarding coronavirus on the walls. Many of them seek to send out good vibes and positive thoughts for the murky times that afflict the world.

Positive messages
Courtesy: @laika_mcmliv

Positive empty streets

Today the streets around the world are empty because of the quarantine due to Covid-19. However, this has meant something positive for people like urban artists. Many make illegal pieces and there’s no one to catch them, it’s not the priority right now.

Moreover, the theme they have chosen to make the pieces is the coronavirus and the current health situation, offering a positive perspective that incites joy. It also offers a different way to see complicated circumstances globally.

Positive messages
Photo: Mario Tama

An example is Pony Wave, who painted a mural during the first days of quarantine in Los Angeles. He took advantage of the last few days allowed outdoors to capture a couple kissing with masks.

Positive messages
Courtesy: @teachr1

Others like Teachr1 took advantage of the panic to give a little humor with a stencil piece. It depicts a suspicious man with a long coat smuggling toilet paper.

Furthermore, the social commitment of several artists to reaffirm the health security measures has also been noted, and one of them is to have no physical contact, so hugs are not allowed. The artist Novy describes it with a teddy bear that reaffirms that hugs were canceled for a period of time.

Positive messages
Courtesy: Novy

Surely many of these pieces cannot be seen at the moment because of the global quarantine. But it’s a good visual motivation to stay positive these days.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)