Pow Wow Festival ArtWork

Pow Wow, one of the most important art festivals

International artists unite to create art in Pow! Wow!

Text by Cristina Ochoa

Translation by Briana Prieto Fuentes

Pow Wow offer us a week to enjoy art by any of its presentations. All of this will happen next week in the neighborhood of Kaka’ako in Hawaii.

Courtesy: Pow Wow Festival

The meaning of Pow!, is the impact of art has on a person; Wow!, the reaction art provokes in the viewer; this is how festival members are defined. It has been established as one of the most important festivals internationally by the number of participating artists, the magnitude of their events and the diversity of activities.

pwh2016 Freddy Sam
Courtesy: Pow Wow Festival

This festival is a gathering that honors culture and seeks to create links between the participants and the people who visit the place. From February 11th to the 18th the edition of 2017 will be made, which will include electronic musicians such as Steve Aoki and Autoerotique. In addition, the documentary Saving Banksy will be screened on one of the most representative figures of street art.

Courtesy: Pow Wow Festival

Curated by Andrew Hosner, the event aims to make an exploration into what contemporary art means. The project counts with facilities and an educational program in art and music, with which they also intend to involve people from the neighborhood.

Courtesy: Pow Wow Festival

Taiwan, Israel, Singapore, New Zealand and Germany are some of the nations that have participated in the event, which has featured more than 100 artists.

Courtesy: Fafi

In this edition Amandalyn, Dave Van Peten, Drew Merritt, Bounce, 1010, Fafi, and Kevin Lyons will participate among others.

Courtesy: Amandalynn

In times of change and uncertainty, only the sense of community can save us from a nervous breakdown. Art is the perfect excuse for combining tastes, customs and expressions.

drew merritt 1280x1365
Courtesy: Drew Merritt

With information from Pow! Wow!