The murals for the month of July

The top murals for the month of July by All City Canvas

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Check out our selection of the best murals for the month of July, what say you?

We’re halfway through the year, trying to digest the “new normal:” however, the urban art creation has taken off. Hence, we give you our selection of the most outstanding murals for the month of July.

Leon Keer – France

We begin the list of the best murals of the month with a piece by the Dutch artist Leon Keer entitled Safe House, which was part of the MX29 Graffiti Tour 2020 organized by Ateliers du Graff. The new mural is located in Morlaix, France, and portrays a trompe l’oeil gift package covering the outside fence of a building.

Mural by Leo Keer in France
Courtesy: Leo Keer

“It’s not obvious that everyone has a roof over their head, their home is beautiful and gives you comfort and protection, a gift for what we need in life. In honor of Christo and Jeanne-Claude,” said the artist regarding the meaning of his creation.

AERO – France

Another of the artworks we include is from the MX29 Graffiti Tour 2020 by AERO with his piece The Old Man and the Sea 2.0. The mural is a tribute to Ernest Hemingway’s short novel by the same name.

Mural by Aero in France
Courtesy: Aero

The mural features the silhouette of an elderly man dressed in a sailor’s suit that protrudes among the rocks. In the background, you can see a lighthouse whose crest emerges among the mist, and a small puffin completes the scene in black and white.

BustArt – Germany

BustArt intervened one of the huge walls of the Urban Nation Museum in Tegel, Berlin for the ONE WALL Project Here, the artist created a piece that measures some 40 x 16 square meters entitled «Departure.»

BUST Art at Tegel Berlin/One Wall Project
Courtesy: Urban Nation/Nika Kramer

This mural takes on a current theme: the upcoming closure of the Tegel Airport. Thus, the protagonist of this piece is a pilot in a comic with a 60s, neo-pop style so characteristic of the artist. A beautiful piece, indeed.

Dulk1 – Spain

After being confined for a long time, Dulk1 finally went out into the world to continue materializing his art. This time, he did it in the city of Fuenlabrada with an artwork with the very spot on title Settle, because it is a tribute to the defense of the natural settlements of the various specimens.

The murals for the month of July
Courtesy: @dulk1

However, this time the artist decided to honor the stork because for 10 years the city developed a plan to recover the habitat of this species. That is why the mural unfolds the beauty of this bird in mid-flight with a house on its backs and birds of other species accompanying it on its journey.

SAYPE – Switzerland

Finally, we end this list of the top murals for the month of July with SAYPE and his mural World in Progress which presents the silhouette of two little children sitting on the floor drawing a chain of men that represent the ideal world for both.

Two children drawing the ideal world: the murals for the month of July
Courtesy: Valentin Flauraud/Keystone via AP) (Associated Press)

On the other hand, the landmark mural covers 6,000 square meters and is also a reminder to the current generation about their duty to preserve life and natural resources in the future. The piece also celebrated the 75th anniversary of the signing of the Charter of the United Nations.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)