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Supreme and Oreo launch their own cookies


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21 Feb 20

Supreme and Oreo launch their own cookies

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As part of the SS20 collection, Supreme and Oreo launch a delicious collaboration

Supreme and Oreo united to launch cookies with the skateboarding brand’s logo. The cookie packs will be $8 dollars and are part of the brand’s Spring/Summer collection.

Supreme and Oreo
Courtesy: Oreo

It’s a fact Supreme is one of the most iconic brands of the urban fashion industry. Consequently, its success is due to the myriad of products under its logo: the name on a red label.

From classic clothes, T-shirts, jackets, sneakers, and socks to skateboard accessories, which was the original goal of James Jebbia, creator of the brand. However, over the years, it has become more popular, leading the brand to create more products.

Supreme and Oreo
Courtesy: Supreme

Supreme makes tickets, mugs, footballs, life jackets, pens, cell phone cases, and endless accessories with no urban essence. Hence it’s popularity. Additionally, their limited edition garments and special items are greatly sought after.

On top of that, the brand now ventures in the food industry with its own Oreo cookies. Thus, they unveiled their SS20 collection with images of the red cookies.

Supreme and Oreo
Courtesy: Supreme

At first, it all seemed like a joke, a cookie-shaped accessory, but Oreo confirmed the collaboration to People magazine as well as on Twitter.

As a result, the red cookie with Supreme logo caused a huge commotion and social media reactions. Some mocked the collaboration for the look, and others even offered to resell a pack for $250.

Supreme and Oreo
Courtesy: Supreme

Lastly, Supreme has already announced that this release will be on sale in a couple of weeks. In addition, the price per pack will be $8, but we have no doubt that there are people who will want to sell them for more.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

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