The best tricks

The best skateboarding tricks to practice

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Here’s a selection of some of the best, jaw-dropping skate tricks

Going out with a board to master the asphalt with your best skateboarding tricks is something that many skaters do. And obviously, at All City Canvas we’re fanaatics of seeing the stunts and footwork.

The best tricks
Photo: Jarno Schurgers/Red Bull

Whether it be from a very high ramp, bowls, sidewalks, rails or improvised locations, there’s always a trick to master. And as in all activities, there are some stunts that reveal the experience of each skater. As well as the level of difficulty by board flips, height or speed.

Moreover, sports veterans and great athletes have executed these stunts. Oftentimes, skaters’ wit has led them to create new variations that add more difficulty to the tricks that already existed.

The best tricks
Photo: Ride Channel

For these next best tricks, we focus on flips and speed, as well as the originality and a characteristics that made the stunt special.

Additionally, you’ll find some renowned names within the history of skateboarding. They’ve done the best tricks in the most outstanding contests. Not to mention their amazing footwork.

The best tricks
Courtesy Rodney Mullen

900 and 1260 degree flips

The first trick is chill and usually involves speed and a ramp. These are the air flips done at one end of the ramp. In 1999 a revelation occurred.

The 900 degrees flip by Tony Hawk at the X-Games. It is one of the most rehearsed and attempted tricks by the professional skater.

However, at the 2019 X-Games,Mitchie Brusco broke this record with an extra flip, achieving the most flips to date with a total of 1260 degrees.

Varial Heelflip Underflip

This trick was popularized by another international skateboarding star: Rodney Mullen. He is credited with inventing different very basic tricks used today, such as the ollie, the Kickflip, and Heelflip.

On the other hand, the Varial Heelflip Underflip is a variation. And not just any variation: one that interrupts a heelflip to do it again. Thus quickly returning the board to the opposite direction where it came from.

540 Rodeo Flip

This is one of the most popular tricks done in bowls or abandoned pools. Visually you can see the skater fly while grabbing the board with his feet without removing it. Thus, he achieves a perfect turn without detaching himself from the board until he reaches the ground on his two feet.

This trick is directly influenced by snowboarding and surfing. Consequently, the board is controlled in the same way, only on water and snow.

Halfcab Broken Fingers

This trick is a variation of the Impossible Halfcab made by Darryl Grogan which, in turn, is a variation of “Impossible,” created by Rodney Mullen in 1982.

However, this flip is not airborne; it has a variation where the board is controlled from the back, interrupting the halfcab. This positions the wheels up as you turn with your hand to finish in the original position.

The trick as such becomes a game where the hands rest at the feet. Evidently, it looks impressive.

Many of the best skateboarding tricks are oldies but goodies

Kickflip 360 Truck stand

The combination of a 360-degree Kickflip and a truckstand perfectly blends the essence of skate freestyle. Again, the first trick was invented by Mullen during the 1980s.

As a result of experimenting with other movements, came this new version, which is mixed with a truckstand. It consists in turning with the inverted board with the wheels up, one foot on the wheels and another on the back, to give the desired direction.

For this trick, the 360 degree kickflip is done normally. However, the difference is that halfway through the flip, one foot pulls the board to accommodate the back. That is, it starts with a Kickflip as it spins the body to finish with a simple pose to finish the trick.

Front Foot Impossible

Herein, another variation of Impossible. This new trick’s name describes the feat perfectly. The Impossible turns forward with the front foot.

It starts with a simple ollie, which becomes the highest part of the jump. The front foot then pushes the nose of the board and at the same time returns it to make the Impossible with a 360-degree flip.

These trick variations are truly jaw-dropping for any viewer. Likewise for newbie skaters that are starting out.

Many of these tricks are successors of some basic ones that any newbie can start with. In turn, they are a call to the athlete’s wit to continue creating new versions, other combinations and, of course, some tricks with totally crazy names.

The best tricks

Skateboarding is a very entertaining sport. Additionally, it requires great skill. Which is why this year they are officially annexed to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Thus, it is the first time that a sport of this nature is included to the Games.

And while the X-Games are the extreme games par excellence, this means greater openness for skateboarding. As well as greater acceptance and creation of professional spaces for your practice and nail the best skateboarding tricks.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)