Spectrum California

Spectrum Indian Wells honors the best of contemporary art in California

Yenny Cocq, Hollander Gallery and Essence Arts were awarded for the 2017 edition of Spectrum Indian Well

Text by Victor Arturo Valencia

Translation by Briana Prieto F in collaboration with Paula Villanueva

Photos by Spectrum / Robert J. Hibbs

Spectrum Indian Wells has come to an end, one of the most important contemporary art fairs took place in Coachella. This year, the jury recognized the best in painting, installation, sculpture, and other artwork, and awarded both galleries and artists.

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Some of the awards granted by Spectrum were:

1. Best sculpture: Yenny Cocq

Yenny Cocq is an artist interested in natural landscapes. She works with various mediums such as architecture, engraving, sculpture and painting. As an artist, she seeks to explore artificial structures, represent their emotions, imagination and repressions.


2. Best new exhibition: Vandegraaff Gearheardt

Artist who works with both new and old objects in his pieces. Handicraft, sounds and technology are part of the beginning of every creative process he initiates. He has a compilation of electronic music that he uses for his different artworks.

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3. Best international exhibition: Renssen Art Gallery.

Erick Renssen is a Dutch artist, renowned for his lithographic and linocut work. He has recurring themes in his work, including portraits, still life, urban landscapes and family life. He has his own gallery located in Amsterdam.

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4. Best booth design: Essence Arts

A design and art studio where colors, images and objects converge dynamically in a shared space. For this edition of Spectrum, they exhibited the work of artist Tom Boatright in their booth, who uses his paintings to create physical and psychological experiences.

Artworks by Tom Boatright and Essence Arts

Christopher Williams was the artist chosen to create a specific exhibition for this edition of the fair. He is part of the Desert Aids Project Art Gallery, an affiliation that has given him the opportunity to grow professionally.

Spectrum California

Thanks to Spectrum, the heart of the Coachella valley created a union between art enthusiast and artists, giving people the opportunity to meet authors like Jeffrey Bisaillon, Anita Lewis, Lisa Ashinoff, James Paterson, among many others.
Live demonstrations by artists such as Maria McDonough, Greg Barnhart, Juan-Manuel Alonso, Robin Raznick and Alan Krugs also took place.

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The fair achieved a very interesting integration between art collectors, universities, local art institutions, alternative venues, emerging artists and spectators.

Spectrum California