mural of a nurse on a New York building

Best murals for the month of May by All City Canvas

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The fifth month of the year is here and urban art is going strong! Check out the best murals of the month

Although the production of urban art has declined on the streets of the world, there are artists who continue making art in spite of adversity; thus, these best murals of the month are dedicated to them!

Meggs – Melbourne

David Hooke, also known as Meggs, tops the list with this mural directly from the city of Crydon, in Australia, the artist’s birthplace. Hence, it is a piece that is inspired by the city itself, in its beauty and its diversity. In the piece, we can see a conjunction of natural elements such as red earth, fire, and flora, including the wind, water, and floods.

mural with leaves of plants and feathers mixed with fire, air, and water
Courtesy: Meggs / Dean Sunshine
The murals and artworks for the month of May
Courtesy: Meggs / Dean Sunshine

In the artwork, we see the path of a horde of eucalyptus floating upwards because of the wind. The colors contrast with the artist’s vision of the nature of the place. In addition, in Meggs’ words it “represents positive change and new growth.”

Tristan Eaton & Obey – New York

Renowned muralist Tristan Eaton filled the hearts of health workers with joy. Moreover, this piece entitled Now and Foverer is a tribute to the entire medical force and its valuable efforts to contain the current pandemic.

Tristan Eaton and Obey pay tribute to health workers
Courtesy: Tristan Eaton

The piece depicts a nurse with different racial traits which is characteristic of Tristan’s characters. The woman wears a medical uniform and has a stethoscope hanging from her neck. Furthermore, the details that adorn the nurse are references to pop culture, graffiti, typography, and color contrasts that make up the collage.

Aches – Germany

The confinement of recent weeks caused Aches to use walls as canvas. Hence, his new piece entitled “Singularity” was created during the quarantine as a form of protest to the negative effects of the indiscriminate use of technology.

image of a colorful skull and colorful paint cans at the bottom
Courtesy: Aches

Hence, the artist took up the symbology of the skull to represent the death and decay of man. The chromatic effects give the piece more drama. “While mobile phones can be a great tool for communicating with people around the world, people can get lost in them and become slaves to their phones,” he explained.

Murals of the month and artworks from artists’ confinement

Various Artists – Safe Mask

As part of the alternative activities for the COVID contingency (which delayed outdoor festivals, projects, and mural production), we give you the initiative of Okuda San Miguel, his Ink and Movement team, and the artists 3ttman, Grip Face, Martí Sawe, Nano 4814, Nuria Mora, Remed, Sixe Paredes, Spok Brillor and Suso33, who each created a design for face masks for the project Safe Mask.

The initiative seeks to promote the use of face masks in these times
Courtesy: Ink and Movement

Such designs are available on each artist’s Instagram to be used as a filter for your own Instastories. In addition, the campaign invites us to join the #cruzrojaresponde campaign, which receives donations to support all the staff of the health force in Spain and the acquisition of medical supplies.

Falk Lehmann – Isolated

Also known as AKUT, this German artist summoned Paola Delfín, Andreas Englund, Bezt, Low Bros, Mad C, Nuno Viegas, Andreas Englund, Drew Merritt, Louis Masai, Ricky Lee Gordon, among other guest artists, to make up the short film Isolated.

It is a 4 minutes and 18 seconds film where we take a tour of the studios and workplaces of each of the artists. The frames allow us to see some of their creative intimacy and appreciate a glimpse of their reality in this moment of confinement. It also seeks to connect artists from their sides of the world.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)